Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Christmas is undeniably present in Lille these days.  OH YEAH and today it snowed.  Overall, things are swell.

Lille is awesome at xmas time 

Gabby bought a skate! Another skating buddy yay!!

We stumbled upon the Lille Christmas market that actually only opened today.  It's going to be happening from now until Christmas, and it was beyond cool.  There were so many Christmas themed booths, and delicious Christmas yummies being sold, not to mention that the sun was going down and the Lille Christmas lights really came to life so everything had an amazing ambiance.  To top it all off there was Christmas music too.  And no it isn't too early ;)

THEN IT SNOWED. IT. SNOWED. IN FRANCE. They told me it wouldn't happen before January.  And here we are, it's the 20th of November, and I witnessed snow as I was exiting the metro station and walking up the steps into the night air (please note when I say "snow" I'm referring to the giant white flakes that melt the minute they land.. but it was snow all the same).  The second I saw it I let out a cry of glee and froze, and then immediately reached for my phone to get a photo.

My first oh-so-glamourous view of la neige.  Yes.. the barely visible white streaks are the snow I am referring to...
Then it kept snowing as I walked back to my house, and I remained ridiculously pumped.  Summer always makes me forget how much I love snow, and there's nothing like that rush of joy when I see it again at the start of every winter.

just so happy


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