Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winning Weekends

Sooooo I know it's already Wednesday and how lame is it of me to be posting about the weekend when we're already mid-week but there's this thing called exchange and it has recently seriously picked up for me and the idea of "free time" has slowly slid into a forgotten oblivion of the past.  In other words, I have none.  This blog post is being written past my bed time (gonna regret this tomorrow...)

I had an AWESOME weekend! Friday afternoon Chloe, Clementine, Jean and Marion came over because we wanted to make a video for our friend Romane who's surprise birthday party was Saturday night.  Valentine showed us the dress up box in the house and we went wild. It was hilarious...

what is Canada...?
Friday night was a Rotary organized laser tag outing at Lille.  All my international Inbound friends were there, along with future French Outbounds, and any friends of either les étrangers or the Frenchies.  There were a lot of us.  About 8 of my school friends ended up coming, so I had an awesome night because I was surrounded by a bunch of awesome people I love.  I'm kind of lame and only played one session of laser tag but in my defence it was because I was conversing and being social in English and French so it's not that bad.  One supremely exciting event, and probably the highlight of my night, that happened was when Veronica (from Spain) and I were speaking with a French boy named Jean who'll be going to Indonesia with Rotary next year.  Veronica spoke to him in French and asked him to guess where she was from going by her accent when she spoke... he said Germany.  Then I asked and he replied "Toi, on peut dire que t'es francaise" in other words "I could say you're French." What followed was a spazzy and loud happy dance happier than any happy dance I've ever had and jealous looks from Veronica ha! She looked at me and said "Lucky! That's like the best compliment you could ever get!" and she's right.  I've been getting a lot of similar comments in recent times and they make me feel awesome and give me more French speaking confidence.  It's really nice to feel so comfortable with the language when I'm only 5 months in, I've never been more thankful to have had that base when I first came!

A lovely group of friends! Exchange and French


Kids from school :) Troy (FROM VANCOUVER), Jean, Marion

Daniel, Liz, Veronica, Clementine
Laser tagging went late, and even though I didn't have to go to school Saturday I still had to get up early for a Rotary event.  We were all gathered together, this time just exchange students, for more formal, serious kind of stuff.  We spent the morning learning a song we will perform later on in the year at Rotary evening events/shows.  It was a kind of funny French song about all being friends and loving each other no matter where we come from or the colour of our skin.  Then we went out to a little restaurant for some grub, and came back in the afternoon to talk about serious Rotary stuff like trying to do better in school etc etc... hehe.  It was a long day that ended around 5pm.  Once it was over I bussed/metro-ed/tram-ed back to my stop with Ty, Ian, and Paco, and headed home.  I had about an hour to chill before I had to get ready to head to Romane's party.  We were all going to be there about a half hour before Romane showed up and give her a big surprise when she finally arrived.  She ended up getting delayed so we sat around a while (a good hour and a half...) but when she finally did show up the surprise went down amazingly.  We hid in the kitchen and it was the first place she showed up when she walked in the door.  She was so shocked she walked right in and out again... then in and out of the kitchen again. Man I love surprises.  Anyway the night that followed was full of shenanigans and good times spent with my Frenchie friends from school.

Clem!! (is crazy)


My people!
It was a fun night, but since almost all of us slept over I didn't get a lot of sleep, so after eating lunch at home Sunday I slept for a solid 2 hours, after which I went to Zumba with Louise! That was fun and hilarious and it felt good to get moving.  And that's my weekend.  Busy times good times.

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