Monday, October 14, 2013

International Running


Standing on the Belgium/France border after running to Belgium from Roubaix (my phone was wet so the photos are terrible quality I apologize!)

OH YEAH! LOOKIN NERDY! And definitely a little less than dry...
Sunday was AWESOME! It was my first sleep-in in a long time, probably two or more weeks, and it felt so great!!! Yann had told me on Saturday about a run we could do that Sunday morning that would take us to Belgium and back, but would be 12km.  In Canada I ran, but I enjoyed a leisurely 5km here and there, so for me the idea of 12km was kind of daunting, but how can you refuse running to another country! I agreed to do it, and it was only then Yann admitted it was more like 13km... I thought to myself that one more kilometre wouldn't kill me so I was still up for it.  When I woke up Sunday morning it was raining and cold and I won't lie.. I was secretly hoping Yann would say we weren't going to run because of the rain.  But sure enough I walked out of my room and he was already in his running gear.  So I sucked up all my inner complaints and negative thoughts and got ready too, I even ended up donning a Rotary hat with a map of France and my district on it.  Representing Rotary even when I go running woohoo!  It was definitely cold, and I was soaked through to my inner layer within the first 10 minutes but it was SO AWESOME! There's nothing like conquering a challenge that you didn't think you could or even wanted to do in the first place (welcome to the daily life of an exchange student).  The run was a "there and back" kind of dealio, so Yann and I ran as far as the edge of Belgium, then turned around and ran back to Roubaix.

Made it to Belgium! 

snagged a decent pic of this cool bird that I should probably know the name of and I don't....

Belgian canal that was at our turnaround point

This was the view just as we got to Belgium!! This is the path we ran along, then on the way back we were on the other side.  It might be hard to see but it was absolutely pouring rain.
By the time we got back to Roubaix every single article of clothing I had on and every part of my body was just so wet.  My shoes themselves were just filled with water.  I was absolutely positively soaked! My body was tired too, it was the longest I've ever run nonstop in my life, and I did it in the pouring cold rain.  When Yann and I made it back to the house finally, the first thing Yann says is "14 kilometres!!!" So there I had agreed originally to what I first thought was a whopping 12km, and ended up running 14km.  So basically it was 7km to Belgium and 7km home again.  I was so pumped and happy at the end, especially after learning how far I ran! I felt awesome, and just really proud of myself for getting up and doing it when I didn't really want to that morning, and I knew it wouldn't be the easiest run of my life. Not to mention it is so cool to be able say I ran to another country.

14 kms later! Woohoo! I look like a monkey!

Cheesy Canadian pose for the camera
After showering and warming up, Yann took me to a modern art museum nearby and we spent the entire afternoon leisurely wandering around looking at really cool and interesting art.  It was a really awesome way to spend a rainy afternoon.  My entire Sunday just felt like one big accomplishment of awesome, and I feel so lucky to have been put with such an amazing and cool host family! Was a swell weekend.

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