Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adventure time

All packed up and ready to GO TO THE ALPS!

Today I'm going to my 3rd host family's house because tomorrowwwwww my third host dad, host sister, host cousin, and Rika are going on a road trip to St. Gervais in the French Alps for one week of snowy (I hope), mountain-y, skiing bliss.  I am SO PUMPED.  I've missed mountains so much and I'm probably going to squeal like a little girl when they come into sight.  Cannot wait.

Sadly my absence will mean no blog posts for the next week or so until we get back on the 4th of January, so you guys are gonna have to stick it out till I come back with a million more photos and hours of blog-reading-mouse-scrolling time for my next post.

Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! And I'll be back in 2014 (whuut!)

Cheers :)

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