Sunday, December 1, 2013

All things wonderful

Sometimes I just have moments or periods where all things awesome happen.  My weekend has so far been that.

Yesterday was my 100th day of exchange. I meant to make a collage of exchange photos and write a special post, but I didn't get the time because too many other cool things were happening.  Basically I cannot believe sometimes how long I've been here, and how normal life feels now in comparison to arriving in August.  It's a really really good feeling knowing that despite the occasional off days, I've succeeded in making my exchange my own and making the most of it.  I pretty much just try to giv'er as much as possible. 

I got my transport card yesterday!! This is very exciting because I take the metro and tram all the time to go into Lille, to see friends, or else I take the bus to get to my gym class, and for the past 3 months I have been using (and often losing) the tickets that last only one hour.  So long to the days of searching for change to buy tickets, now I have a fancy card with my name and picture on it. I can waltz right onto the metro and all I have to do is wave my card in front of the electronic stand for it to beep.  

I stayed home from school yesterday because yesterday evening was the Rotary Thanksgiving dinner, and I had to cook a Canadian dish and a dessert for 15 people.  I was right in guessing it would take me pretty much all day.  I made my favourite chocolate chip cookies in the morning, but they were kind of disappointing.  They weren't terrible but frankly didn't resemble in any way (shape, texture, or taste) the cookies I was going for.  But in the afternoon I made this chilli that my mom always makes in the winter time back home, and I killed it! (In a good way). Considering I have cooking dyslexia (self-diagnosed nonexistent disease)  I was pretty proud that I managed to make a pretty yummy chilli all by myself, it's possibly the first and last time that will ever happen.

In the evening Gabby came over and Yann brought us to the dinner.  All the exchange students were there with host families, and we had each made a dish to contribute to this huge Thanksgiving feast (American Thanksgiving).  It was so much fun seeing all my friends again because some of them I haven't seen since September! Not to mention that the food was deeeeeelicious.  Gabby slept over after so that was basically just a super fun night.  

I also found out I'm allowed to go to Ireland in February! I'll be going to Ireland for 2 weeks to visit and spend time with family that I very rarely get to see, and I'll be going all by myself.  So happy and so excited.  I didn't think this year could get any better.

And my last little piece of happiness to share with the blog reading world, IT'S DECEMBER 1ST!!!! It is OFFICIALLY Christmas season people.  Now is the time to shamelessly listen to the Christmas tunes (I recommend the Mariah Carey album), watch Home Alone over and over, start up the Christmas calendar, decorate everywhere, and also just take a look at the people in your life and give them a big bear hug or a non-lame high five to appreciate them because half the reason Christmas is awesome is because of the people we get to spend it with.

Cheers :)

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