Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fabbity Fab Fab

Today I met with all my international exchange friends again and I'll be honest we didn't do much but it was a blast and a half. We went to a mine that we toured for about a half hour (so I can't tell you much about it honestly) but the best part about the day was seeing all the friends!

We signed a guestbook yippee! Spot the obnoxious Canadian

Because you can never have too many photos of yourself on your own blog

Thank god I'm so tanned

Gabby modeling the incredibly chic French Rotary scarves we all got.  She made a comment I thought was funny: "Of course the French Rotary gives us scarves"

Surprise Ian I'm taking creepy photos of you eating!!!

Smoking: gross.  Cigarettes: gross.  Photos of French people smoking cigarettes: I admit pretty cool.

Theophane got dragged along for the whole day

Navaida modeling some beautiful henna done by Maria!

Maria became the henna goddess today

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