Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scenic Running

It's easy to forget I'm living in a city when I go for a run.

There is a park quite close to my house called "La Parc Barbieux" which is a gorgeous little park that I loop a few times on my runs. It's beautiful at any time of day in any weather and it's awesome.

Then last Saturday, Yann took me running to show me a side of Roubaix I wouldn't normally see.  Roubaix is the poorest city in France, and therefore not it's most beautiful one (although I've grown to really like it), yet there's one part of it, where all you have to do is cross a street and you'll find the houses of some of the richest people in France.

This house... is home to one family..!! There was a line up of people on the other side of the house to go in and get a tour.  Yann and I skipped the tour and ran around back to get a full view.  That lower balcony on the right side is just above a giant outdoor swimming pool of the same length.  It's like Roubaix, France: 90210

This is La Parc Barbieux once again

Yay Running! Yay France! Yay Exchange! Yay Life!!! :)

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