Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today Was Also Awesome.

Another post about another beyond swell day comin right at ya folks:

Even though I had to walk to school in the pouring rain and wore the completely wrong jacket in order to not get soaking wet, it was still awesome.  Honestly walking to and from school is one of my favourite times of day (I will continue thinking this for probably about a month, and then it will snow and I'll just be cold and let's be honest I probably won't be liking it as much ha).  I didn't start until 10 in the morning so I was feeling awesome and rested and pumped for my chill day (as a nice balance to having school Saturday, my Wednesdays are very relaxed).  I had one hour of English (also referred to as The Only Class I Understand), and then I went with my new French friends Sixtine and Louis to grab some lunch outside of school.  We walked for about 8 minutes and got absolutely soaked but it was still cool.

Sixtine and Louis!
We ate at an adorable little place that had great healthy food and wasn't too expensive, then we made our way back in the pouring rain because Sixtine and I had art class starting at noon.  

Louis gives Sixtine's skate a try and gets soaked in the process...
As you can see above, Sixtine has this skate that she uses sometimes to get from her house to the metro, and she even used to get to art because it was in a separate building and further from our normal classes.  I gave the skate a try and my god is it ever fun.  I was terrible of course and for some unfortunate reason could not manage to make it turn and instead found myself often heading in the direction of curbside parked cars, but I fell in love the minute I tried it and am going to have to seriously consider buying one... my walks to and from school would increase in awesomeness by a good 400%. 

My school is the dark brick building behind Sixtine and to the right!

Sixtine and I had art for two hours and by 2pm today school was done.  It was fantastic!!! We walked back from class for a bit with other girls from class and then parted ways as we all headed home.  Most of the friends I've made so far don't actually live in Roubaix, and have to take the bus and/or metro to get to school every day.  Louis even lives in Belgium!

At about 3:30 I took the metro into Lille by myself to meet some friends from exchange.  I thought it would just be Liz I was seeing, and then I arrived to find a group of about 15 exchange students! There were kids I knew and didn't know but almost everyone was from somewhere different and were all in France with Rotary on our exchanges.  Once again I had a moment where it hit me how cool it was that Rotary was bringing together so many international young people.  I never stop meeting new, awesome people! People kept coming and going; I met French kids who'd been on exchange with Rotary, and ones who'd been on exchange with a different organization.  I even met a French girl who went on exchange to Victoria in Canada which was so cool! She was probably the first French person I've talked to who really knew what/where Calgary is, and didn't just know of it from memorizing maps or remembering the '88 Olympics.  I passed about 3 or 4 hours just sitting in one cafe talking with people from all over the world (it is so hard after a while to keep remembering names/nationalities), there's never a shortage of conversation topics because of how diverse and interesting each person is.  So.  Cool.

United States, Venezuela, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Brazil, India, France ~ All in one photo!!
Allison from Canada (I met her in the Toronto airport!!), and Annabel from Australia (Aussi sandwich eh!) (also... I did a great job of keeping with the Canadian stereotypes and dressing like a lumberjack on this one.. good one Siobhan)

L2R: Allison-Canada, Kate-Australia, Annabel-Australia, Siobhan-Canada, Liz-Mexico, Giulia-Brazil,  with Luciana-Brazil in front! :)

So that was my day.  It was great.  

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